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ProRecord is a companion app for PianoDisc's ProRecord system that allows you to easily access and adjust ProRecord's settings such as volume, tone, and performance playback.

You can also save the performance data from ProRecord to your iPhone, where you can send it to someone else via email or receive new performance data and play it back on your ProRecord system.

The ProRecord app supports iTunes sharing, and your performance data can also be managed through iTunes.

In the ProRecord system after 2017, you can connect with the ProRecord system via Bluetooth.


Please Note: in order to cable connect to your ProRecord system, both an Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter and a USB mini B cable are required.


* Sound control - Tone, Reverb, Effect (Chorus, Rotary, Delay), 4 band equalizer, Transpose, User preset

* Metronome - Beat, Tempo, Volume

* Performance Data - Recording, Playback, Transmission, and Mail

* Demo songs

* Adjustments - Touch control, Note repeat limit, Black key volume, Individual key volume, Tuning, Auto sensor, Pedal position, Key depth, Continuous note-on, Connect with IQ player, MIDI-IN port, Panel led, Piano type, Tuning curve, Factory reset



App Manual Ver1.2 [English] [Japanese]


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